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Dear Readers: Welcome to my first blog. “Timely Death” about the unusual world of the mega-wealthy. The theme of this work is how current and future policies affect the very rich and the lengths some of them will go to protect their wealth. In “Timely Death” you are...

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Reclusive attorney, widow become sleuths to find killers

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Press Release- Archway Publishing Author Scooter Reaser releases novel, ‘Timely Death’ VICTORIA, Texas – It is open season on the mega-wealthy of America as they are methodically assassinated one-by-one. Samantha “Stormy” Gail, the beautiful...

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Welcome Dear Readers!

Welcome dear readers, to a new world of opulence and greed and wealth beyond imagination. To more appreciate the topics in Timely Death google "wealthx". Then to further astound you, google "Triple Deuce".  Timely Death and my future books will take you inside a world...

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